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Reframe Chronic Pain

learning about pain,
changes pain.

Pain is complex, personal and always real.
And so are the possibilities of changing it.

Emergent patterns in wet sand

An invitation to...

expand and change.

Reframe Chronic Pain is a 6 week community powered learning masterclass and your opportunity to dive into the fascinating and intricate complexities of the pain system.
It covers topics your doctor, physical rehab team and coaches wish they had the time to teach you.

Learn to effectively navigate and understand what your body is communicating through expressions of pain, stiffness, soreness, shifts in energy and other the things that happen as a result of your body doing its #1 job - protecting you and keeping you alive.

You will gain paradigm shifting perspectives, resulting in compassionate possibilities of change. Guaranteed.

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The Nature of Pain...

connects us all.

Pain, a shared human experience, bridges boundaries of age, gender, and culture.
How does understanding pain deepen our empathy and connection?

Emergent Systems...

hold natural intelligence.

The interconnectedness of biological, psychological, and social factors affecting chronic pain holds inherent intelligence.
How can we unlock this intelligence for optimal well-being?

Join the pilot program!

Reframe Chronic Pain is a 6 week community powered learning program delivered in a private, nurturing online space for anyone with concerns and questions about chronic pain.

You will connect with others working through their own experiences of chronic pain, learn how to integrate pacing and awareness into daily activities, and deepen your understanding and appreciation of your body's pain system.
Think of it as having a rehab professional in your pocket - at the fraction of the price.

You will gain a deep appreciation of how biological systems are influenced by daily activities and sleep, which are downstream of mood and nervous system regulation which walk in parallel with social support and influences of intersectionality.

After taking this course you will be more compassionate and understanding with anybody affected by chronic pain, and with yourself.
Pain is complex, personal and real. And so are the possibilities of changing it.

Integrating concepts of pain science into your life, and understanding the best practice of "biopsychosocial human-centred care" on a day to day basis, is an art that takes practice, skill and dedication - hence why this isn't just a weekend workshop.

Even if you don't live with chronic pain, you'll learn how to gracefully and empathetically navigate conversations with people affected by chronic pain. You will be a compassionately responsive influence in the life of anybody affected by chronic pain.

This program does not offer medical advice. It offers collaborative education through:
• videos
• handouts
• curated content
• community discussions
• small groups
• accountability and support
• and live online community events:
--> coaching
--> teaching
--> Q & A
--> office hours,
--> hot seats and
--> expert speakers

Learning about pain, changes pain.
You will gain a paradigm changing perspective, and actionable insights.
You will have more resources and less overwhelm, frustration and suffering by giving yourself the gift of understanding. You will connect with practitioners and people with lived experience, build relationships and connections.

Join us today for transformative learning and impactful human-centred care.

Engaged presence...

leads human collaboration.

Storytelling and language are key communication skills that build trust, alliance and empower people to shape their pain experiences.

What steps can you take to create a safe and inclusive space where people feel comfortable expressing their perspectives, fears and aspirations around their pain experiences?

Best practice promotes...

improving quality of life.

Celebrate the individuality of each person, honouring their diverse experiences, perspectives, and aspirations as the driving force behind the changes they make.

What biases or assumptions might we hold that could hinder our ability to appreciate and embrace the diverse experiences of people experiencing chronic pain?


"How much more difficult is it to heal when we are also contributing to our own pain by how we respond to ourselves about it? "

・Dr. Hillary McBride, PhD - The Wisdom of Your Body

mindset and beliefs influence chronic pain

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Hey hi!

And a big thanks for dropping by! ❤︎You know, chronic pain is something a lot of folks around the world are grappling with. And not every health care professional out there has had the chance to dive deep into this in their education.That's where the Reframe Chronic Pain masterclass comes in. I've poured my heart into this, and I really think it'll help bridge some gaps for anybody who wants to know more about it.My own journey into the nitty-gritty of chronic pain? Well, it's been quite the ride! I really delved into the dedicated world of pain science a few years back, in 2019. And this, mind you, was after spending years in university, getting my hands dirty in the field, going through my own ups and downs, and taking a whole bunch of courses.One of the coolest things I've ever done? Working with a fantastic team as part of a 12-week interdisciplinary program for Canadian military veterans dealing with chronic pain. It was so rewarding, and it genuinely changed how I see and do things as a Certified Athletic Therapist.So, here's the thing: I'm super grateful you're here with me. Diving into pain neuroscience might sound a bit heavy, but trust me, it's a game-changer. With it, we can offer hope, understanding, and open up so many doors to change. Your being here, wanting to learn? That's just gold.Cheers to all the amazing things we'll uncover!

To possibility,
Andrea Kruger
Certified Athletic Therapist - CAT(C)
CSEP - Certified Personal Trainer
Canadian Red Cross - First Responder
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer - Prague School of Rehabilitation

(Photos to show that I'm a real human! Aside from learning about pain science I like time in nature hiking, gardening, snuggling puppies, winter adventures, watermelon, building things. I've been an avid mover since I was a little girl - ballet and bikes are very complimentary.)